About Us

Cue Sticks is a fun and unique brand that creates and distributes motivational products that help inspire people in their time of need. We make products that help people reach their goals! It all started when Nancy Shapiro, owner of Cue SticksTM, would write down reminders for herself on sticky notes (or even her arm!) . They were little inspirational tips that she wanted to remember throughout the day. Wouldn't it be great to be able to have these anywhere and anytime, without all of the paper everywhere? And have them look fun, too, she thought? It wasn't long before the Cue SticksTM temporary tattoos and stickers were created. Drawing on Nancy's background as a teacher, mom of two children, and her experiences in helping her mom battle cancer, she began creating even more temporary tattoos and stickers for both adults and kids to use for instant motivation and support. What started as a quick thought that might've been forgotten soon turned into a way to help people inspire themselves and get through difficult times. Our temporary tattoos and stickers are great reminders. People of all ages use them as a reminder...no matter when or where they need it for weight loss, battling illnesses, or even just getting through a difficult day.